When JW Godwin tied the knot with his wife KC, he vowed to love her in sickness and in health. Although, he may not have guessed that he would also be loving her “in charcoal” as well.

Last week, the happy couple was at their home in Cecil, Alabama when JW heard his wife scream from upstairs and say that she had had an accident.

When he climbed the stairs, however, he heard KC laughing from inside the bathroom.

He then took out his phone and started recording – and it’s a good thing he did, because the results are hilarious.

MOREMom Can’t Stop Laughing Over Son’s Attempt to Use a Rotary Phone – and it’s Hilarious

JW walks in on his wife covered head to toe in black charcoal powder, and she can’t stop giggling over her clumsiness.

When asked what happened, she simply says that she had been trying to open the jar of charcoal teeth whitener when it sprayed all over the bathroom.

JW’s witty response? He says: “Well, your teeth DO look white.”

(WATCH the hilarious video below)

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