Millennials may already be natural pros at maneuvering the mysterious inner-workings of smart phones – but when given a more old school piece of technology, things might get a little confusing.

Earlier this month, for example, Kimberly Phillips of Parks, Louisiana posted an extremely relatable video of her teenage son struggling to successfully dial a rotary phone.

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Her son, Braylon Daigle, can be seen repeatedly trying to dial a phone number, only to pick up the phone from the cradle, hear the dial tone, hang up, and try again. His mom, meanwhile, simply can’t contain her laughter.

After about a minute and a half of struggling to figure out the strange device, Daigle gets frustrated and pulls out his smart phone to call the rotary phone and see if it works.

And Mom still can’t stop laughing.

(WATCH the hilarious video below)

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