Manmade Diamond Ring-Follow Your Love

When Murad Osman wanted to propose to his girlfriend Nataly in India, he couldn’t bring himself to spend money on the diamond industry that exploited child labor and the environment.

That’s why the couple started Follow Your Love: a conflict-free jewelry line that sells man made diamonds equal in brilliance to natural gems that took millions of years to develop in the ground– except it only takes a matter of weeks.

The process for manufacturing the man made diamonds dates back to the 1950s when the High Pressure, High Temperature technique was originally developed by General Electric.

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“In this process, we melt graphite under tremendous pressure and temperature to mimic nature’s process,” Follow Your Love’s COO, Isaac Gottesman told the Good News Network.

The molten metal alloy produces 2-3 carat cuboctahedral-shaped crystals with a variety of color ranges — or a 1 carat faceted gem that is colorless.

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The company also donates a minimum 10% of their proceeds to The Adventure Project, a nonprofit that provides support and resources to entrepreneurs in developing countries.

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