Only one year ago, Zach Bolster and his wife Patricia Wu were leading lucrative careers in New York City. Since Bolster’s mom passed away from stage four pancreatic cancer, however, they now run a nonprofit that helps other cancer patients who may not have as loving of a family as them.

35-year-old Bolster used to be the vice president of a hedge fund and Wu worked in real estate. Then Bolster’s mother Gloria, who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, received the cancer diagnosis.

The couple ditched their careers in the Big Apple and moved in with Bolster’s mom so they could look after her during her chemotherapy treatments.

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The ex-Wall Street tycoon, Wu, and the rest of the Bolster family were diligent about attending every single one of Gloria’s treatments – and they were surprised to discover that other cancer patients did not have that same support.

Bolster told PEOPLE: “My family was shocked by how many cancer patients had difficulty getting to their chemotherapy treatments. We soon realized what a huge financial and family burden transportation during cancer treatments can be. Some patients resorted to riding the bus, others, unfortunately, missed their treatment altogether.”

While overcoming the hardship of his mother dying six weeks after her diagnosis, Bolster volunteered to personally chauffeur her fellow cancer patients to and from their appointments. Unfortunately, meeting the demands of everyone’s schedule eventually became too complicated to continue on his own.

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Inspired by the business model of the Uber ride-sharing service, however, Wu and Bolster used their own money to start the Chemocars nonprofit.

Chemocars works exactly like Uber – except that the organization works with cancer treatment centers to coordinate free rides for chemo patients who need reliable transportation.

Since the couple started Chemocars eight months ago, the service has given away over 2,000 free rides to those in need.

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Bolster and Wu are working with the rest of their family so they can expand the service and make sure it can soon help cancer patients nationwide.

“We just want to help people and we got so excited by this idea and we believe in our ability to execute it. We think it’s a worth a shot,” he says. “We’re working really hard and it feels great to help people. We’re doing this for my mother.”

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