For 67 years, Francis Klotz has never had to worry about what to wear.

That’s because he and his beloved wife Rosemary, who picks out his dapper clothes, have been wearing matching outfits every day of their 67 years of marriage.

The stylish sweethearts first met during high school and by the time they were both seniors, they were going steady.

They only started wearing similar clothing after Rosemary’s mother bought them both matching tee shirts when they were teens—and their outfits have been in sync ever since.

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According to Rosemary, Francis never had much talent for matching his own outfits. “She just lays it out for me, and I don’t have to worry about a thing!” Francis happily told KOVR-TV.

Their outfits aren’t the only thing in sync, either—the senior couple also sings in perfect harmony for their local church and hospital in Sacramento, California.

Francis and Rosemary are both 87 years old now, and will be celebrating their 68th wedding anniversary next month—and they assured reporters that their celebration will be just as pitch-perfect as their duets.

(WATCH the sweet interview below… BUT, NOTE for viewers outside the USA: Click here to see the video at CBS News website)

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