vaccine-jarsResearchers in Sweden isolated a virus that successfully attacked cancer in mice. Then, because of a lack of funding, the virus was put in a freezer before it could go to human trials. Now, a team in London is crowdfunding an effort to get the treatment ready for testing and make a potentially world-changing scientific breakthrough.

If you have a million dollars and change laying around, the team will name the virus after you — but even a $25 contribution will make you a part of medical history.

The campaign to fund research into a treatment for the cancer that killed Steve Jobs has raised $44,000 toward their goal of one million dollars over the next 38 days.

According to the fundraising page, the Swedish research team was so keen to share their findings with the public they published all their secrets. Now it can’t be protected by a patent that would have enabled business backers to make a profit.

“Experts across the world acknowledge that this anti-cancer virus is cutting edge – as you’ll see on our video. It could have a massive affect on neuroendocrine cancer treatment – and it may well be able to help people with other cancers, too.”

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