CupClub, which was hailed for winning a portion of this year’s $2m New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize from the Ellen MacArther Foundation, has already started implementing the project in businesses and universities across London. They currently have a capacity to serve up to 6 million drinks during their first year.

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“Most packaging you see isn’t really designed. It’s just there. No-one’s really thinking about end-of-life. You just don’t get very sophisticated designers looking at everyday products. There’s loads out there for designers and architects to do, instead of getting really excited about chairs. We don’t need more of those. Where is the design thought? The stuff we interact with everyday is all being done by very standard design teams. As designers we obsess over certain categories instead of looking at the whole encompassing world that has been created for us.”

(WATCH the video below)

Cupclub from Cup Club on Vimeo.

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