April Bell-text message iPhone

Out of the blue, in a country town along the Murry River in Victoria, Australia, Kaylene Bell’s daughter received a mournful text Saturday morning that read, “Love you bud -miss you more than words can say.”

The 15-year-old replied, asking, “Who is this?”

A text pinged back saying ‘sorry’, explaining that it was his son’s old phone number and that he had passed away in 2009. “I didn’t think his number was being used.”

text message for April

“Oh no, don’t be sorry,” she replied. “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“God Bless and hope you have a good Australia Day!”

Kaylene said the man rang to apologize and, “said he was sorry if he scared her, but sometimes it just helps him cope.”

The encounter brought relief to the man, who decided it was a special omen that his son passed in the month of April, which also turned out to be the girl’s name.

“I am so PROUD of my April for being a teenager with a thoughtful beautiful heart,” said Bell, who also called it uncanny that her daughter was born in April, too. “I told her she has helped to heal a stranger’s heart, using such wise and kind words.”

The man, whose son Troy was 30 years old, told April she had a very special number.

She now wants to keep it forever.

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