Sometimes, it pays to be quirky.

Terri Marshall, an employee at a McMaster University coffee shop in Hamilton, Ontario is one of those folks who displays exuberant happiness every time she sees a customer. And when you win something from the store’s “Roll up the Rim” game, she is going to make a big deal. A big, happy deal.

A group of students decided that this Tim Horton’s employee, who does a whole song and dance when you win, should be rewarded for her day-brightening moves, so they collected money and surprised her with a check in the amount of $1,445.26. That’s exactly the amount she needed in order to take a very special vacation.Dairy Queen worker stands up for blind man-KARETVvid

Fast Food Worker Who Stood Up For Blind Customer Gets National Praise

We’re assuming they pulled her out from behind the counter for a run-of-the mill, ordinary giant group-dance –but then surprised her with an over-sized check. Marshall added to the merriment by announcing that she and her husband would be celebrating her 30th wedding anniversary.

(Watch the video below)

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