death-valley-runner-jack-denness.jpgFew places are more deserving of their name than Death Valley at the height of summer.

Incredibly, it is into this furnace of sand and peril that a 75-year-old grandfather from England will run next week in an effort to raise money for Cerebral Palsy Care in Kent.

He already holds the record as the oldest man to compete in the world’s toughest foot race, securing it as a sprightly 70-year-old back in 2005.

Jack Denness — also known as Death Valley Jack after completing the race no less that 14 times — will run 135 stamina-sapping miles in just 3 days, with little sleep, for the last time.

He credits his fitness to his slim frame and taking cod liver oil since he was a boy. As for relaxing once the race is over, Denness says he’ll crack open a few beers… After that he will get ready for a run through the Sahara.

Jack wants our help to get 5,000 fans on Facebook to win 3000 for Cerebral Palsy Care. All Facebook users should click now and become a fan.

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(WATCH the video below, and READ more in the Independent)

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