Mower Gang Founder Tom Nardone -Craftsman Tools

This Detroit gang doesn‘t ride motorcycles—they get out their lawn tractors to volunteer their time to clean up the city’s park and schools so kids have a safe place to play.

In 2010, Tom Nardone founded the Detroit Mower Gang in response to overgrown city parks and playgrounds caused by Motown’s financial problems. Open to everyone—and growing in numbers—the mowing gang meets every other Wednesday evening in the spring, summer and fall to manicure more than 40 parks and playgrounds.

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Tom and his gang even offer snow-blowing services to elderly residents for free during the harsh Michigan winters.

To fertilize the altruistic efforts of these renegade landscapers, the Craftsman tool brand this year donated $18K worth of lawn and garden equipment, including five riding mowers, trimmers, hedgers, gear.

The company was so inspired by the Nardone‘s group, it’s now calling for submissions for other like-minded organizations to which they can donate products.

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