After almost 60 years of being married, this couple just keeps getting sweeter with age.

82-year-old Ken Morgan met his first and only girlfriend when he climbed aboard a double decker bus headed down Route 1 to Cardiff in 1956.

Taking tickets as a conductress on the bus was 18-year-old Shirley.

It was love at first sight and – once Ken mustered up the courage to ask her out on a date – the two had their wedding in 1959. He even quit the Royal Air Force so he could work on the bus with his sweetheart.

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Fast forward to half a century later when Ken found one of the red and white vehicles in a transport museum and was inspired to track one down through a collector who had saved it from the scrapyard.

After a year of restoration and a £12,000 bill, the bus was sold to Ken and Shirley.

“I offered to help restore the bus,” Ken told Wales Online. “It was the same fleet 1749 which we met all those years before. It was a real labour of love. It was just wonderful and took us right back down memory lane to the days when we first met.”

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The couple now take long nostalgic rides through the United Kingdom countryside on their beloved bus.

“We’ve had a wonderful life together and we still have great days out on our Red & White bus,” said Shirley “We both believe in destiny and meeting Ken on the bus that day in 1956 was just meant to be. I still have my original conductress badge and wear it with as much pride as my wedding ring.”

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