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A married mother in Arkansas was given the surprise of a lifetime when her husband tracked down one of the most important relics from her childhood: an old white RV camper.

When she was a little girl, Karis Farish’s fondest memories were made traveling all over the United States with her mother and father – but when her father was killed in a car accident on December 14th, 2000, the RV was passed on to a new owner.

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Fast forward to almost 15 years after her dad’s death, when Karis’s husband Micah set out on a mission to find the RV and surprise his wife with the ultimate Christmas gift.

After spending two months tracking the location of the camper, Micah found its owners – Kathy Eiler and Patti Clarkson – in Laguna Woods, California. The dedicated spouse told Karis that he was spending the weekend at a bachelor camping party, then headed west to convince Kathy and Patti to let him take the camper home.

Though the owners were reluctant to let it go, they understood the ancestral significance and conceded to sell the vehicle.

“It tugged at my heartstrings because I lost my father when I was 13 and it was over the holidays,” Kathy told ABC News. “We had a holiday house fire and my father was about the same age as Karis’ dad. And I know what it was like to have those memories and spend time camping with my family. That was so meaningful to me. We had to do it. We had to let the camper go home.”

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For the big reveal, Micah positioned the RV in front of their home and lead his wife outside, with hands over her eyes.

Karis couldn’t stop crying as she was reunited with her father’s prized camper, standing with her own children—who soon would be headed on similar adventures— at her side.

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“I’m just overwhelmed with the fact my husband loves and cares about me so much that he put forth all this effort to do this for me,” Karis said. “Having it back, I’m really excited to do for my kids what my dad did for me. It’s the best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten. It could never be topped.”

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