The Lesson: When life gets too hectic and confusing, it can be difficult to find the balanced path of action between fear, obligation, and purpose – which is why GNN’s own Anthony Samadani came up with this quick way to find mental balance in the midst of every day life, so we can focus on all the things that matter.

Notable Excerpt: “I’ve been doing something for myself, my friends, and my family called ‘The Good Path’; I was trying to find a way to balance myself and reset myself when I felt a little bit tense, or a little bit stressed, or a little bit confused about what I was doing today to pursue my purpose and passion. So I came up with a physical pneumonic to do it.”

The Speaker: An attorney and producer by trade, Anthony Samadani partnered with Good News Network in 2017 to use his entertainment and business acumen to revamp the platform and offer more ways to discover good in the world. Anthony is passionate about empowering people to make every day count and challenging them to find the good in everyday interactions. As a social good entrepreneur, speaker and consultant, Anthony works with individuals and organizations to discover their good so they can “do good, for the greater good.”

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