Homeless no more, Fred in wheelchair- by Chuck BeckFred Stamm is a formerly homeless amputee whose life was turned around thanks to a chance meeting with a dog and its owner in Severna Park.

Chuck Beck was impressed with the man who gently pet and talked to the golden retriever. Afterward, Beck ended up changing the course of Stamm’s life as the two became friends.

By acting as his advocate, Beck navigated through Medicaid and Social Security programs to acquire Stamm’s benefits. He also introduced him to a loving community at his church, and helped him to find a part-time job and a new place to live.


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  1. Beautiful! More and more people in North America will face
    amputation due to the increasing diabetes rates. Stories like
    this are a wakeup call for what can happen, and how there
    are good people willing to help.

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