Christine Marr had become resigned to the fact that her cat Ringer probably perished in the family’s house fire two months ago – but thanks to her dog’s keen sense of smell, she learned that the cat had some of his nine lives left.

Christine and her husband took their dog Chloe to visit the remains of the charred home on Sunday. When they arrived, the pup began acting strangely.

For starters, Chloe was erratically sniffing all over the house’s framework. Then, she started dashing around the home and scratching at a certain spot on the floorboards.

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Bewildered, the couple tried to pull the dog away, but she kept returning to the same spot. Christine’s husband finally pulled the boards back and shined a flashlight into the hole below – then he heard a faint meow.

Assuming it was just a stray, they managed to coax the cat out with some food. But when they saw a telltale mark on the cat’s tail, they realized the miraculous fact that the boney, malnourished feline standing before them was Ringer.

Overwhelmed by their cat’s return, the couple rushed Ringer to a veterinarian in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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“My Mother’s Day miracle!!!” wrote Christine. “Not completely sure … how he ended up in this hole in the floor. He’s been down there for two months with no food and water. Very skinny but doing well … He has a feeding tube in his neck [and it] is going to be a slow process to reintroduce food but he is going to LIVE!”

Firefighters are especially confused by the discovery since they had already investigated the house’s remains looking for Ringer after the fire.

Regardless, the family is just thrilled to have their buddy back. Christine says that Chloe and Ringer were always very close companions when they lived together in that old house – so it made sense that she would be the one to find him.

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