Momo is being pawsitively showered with praise after she came to the rescue of some her friends being chased by a bear last Sunday.

Kenzie Campbell was taking the shepherd-husky-lab mix for a walk through Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada with his girlfriend and another friend when they rounded a corner of the Cascade Ampitheatre Trail and found themselves face to face with a bear 15 feet away.

The group of companions tried to back away without provoking the bear, but with no luck – the massive mammal gave chase, pursuing them down the trail.

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Momo leapt into action, barking and growling at the bear to distract it as her humans ran away.

As it turns out, her courageous efforts succeeded, and Kenzie and his friends called 911 to tell park rangers about the danger. They eventually made it back to the trail’s parking lot and took cover in a Parks Canada emergency staff truck. Kenzie then started filming the bear from the safety of the truck, praising Momo as he did.

“This little dog right here saved our life! That’s a good dog,” says Kenzie. “Parks Canada came to save the day. I’m still shaking as you can see by my recording.”

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Momo has been under Kenzie’s care while her owner, Samantha Emmons, gets situated at a new home in Cardiff. Though it must have been worrying to hear about the close encounter, she was also reportedly supremely confident in her pupper’s life-saving skills.

“She’s a pretty protective girl so it doesn’t surprise me,” Emmons told CNN. “She [is] also the fastest dog at the dog park.”

(WATCH the video below)

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