It had been weeks since Ghost the cat first went missing – but thanks to a local dog, he was rescued from an unlikely place: under a manhole cover.

Shelly Colette and her border collie-Labrador mixed dog named Cash were walking through Sackville, New Brunswick when Cash stopped at a manhole cover and refused to move.

Despite Colette’s efforts to coax him away, the dog wouldn’t budge.

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Curious over her pup’s persistence, she peered into the manhole cover only to see an orange tabby cat trapped below. Colette recognized the feline as the cat from several lost posters that had been plastered around the city for weeks.

She then dialed the owner of the cat, Izzy Francolini.

Francolini contacted city officials who were unable to lift the rusted manhole cover from its place. The workers then broke the cover with several sledgehammers, but the noise only served to scare Ghost further into the sewers.

After almost nine hours of waiting, however, Ghost finally resurfaced – much to Francolini’s joy.

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Apart from sporting two ticks and being a little underweight, Ghost was in surprisingly good shape.

The feline was reportedly named after his infamous habit of going missing for ages at a time. According to The Star, Ghost once disappeared for a month until he was found inside of a wall.

If it hadn’t been for Cash, however, Ghost could have been missing for a lot longer than a few weeks – or worse.

“I love that dog dearly,” Francolini told The Star.

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