soldier reunion with dog -YouTubeAfter Jennifer’s husband left for an eight-month deployment, their beloved 11-year-old dog was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor.

“We were devastated,” she wrote on YouTube. “Kermie was our first child, and we did not think Eric would ever get to see her again.”

But Kermie continued to surpass the vet’s estimate for survival and as his deployment drew to a close, hopes for a never-expected reunion began to seem possible.

“Twelve days before Eric was due home, we received crushing news– the deployment was being extended.” The dog required hand-feeding, just to keep its weight up during the illness, but the dog hung on until Christmas when Eric and the dog were finally reunited. (Watch the tail-wagging video below.)

The family assumed they’d be saying a final goodbye to Kermie within days of Eric’s return, but his presence in the home was “some sort of magic pill” for the dog. She started eating and drinking on her own without struggle.

The family enjoyed two full months of additional time with their “first child”.

(WATCH the video homecoming below, and READ more at YouTube)

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