rescue-dog-for-haiti.jpgIn the wake of Haiti’s catastrophic earthquake this week, search and rescue dogs from New York City, trained under the FEMA program are on their way to Haiti, as well as multiple search teams from California and Texas.

Additionally, search dogs around the world are poised for action, boarding planes and rushing to the disaster zone where they’re badly needed. (Baltimore Sun)

The Washington Examiner reports that a 72-member search and rescue team made up mostly of Fairfax County, VA Fire and Rescue Department personnel left Dulles Airport on Wednesday on a charter plane for Port-au-Prince, to help with the rescue effort.

The team took 48 tons of rescue equipment including cameras and listening devices to help locate people who may be trapped under rubble. Six search and rescue dog teams are part of the team.

Some video running on MSNBC Thursday showed the Virginia crew in action, with yellow helmets, pulling a man from the rubble who pumped his fist in relief.
UPDATE Friday AM: The Fairfax team rescued 7 people, so far, and currently are working on extricating 2 people from an elevator shaft, as well as securing the US embassy.

Watch the video below about NYC dog teams preparing to leave, or view at Clip Synidicate.

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