library-painting.jpgSchools are being forced to slash budgets, lay off teachers, and yet are expected to do more to educate our children. What could we do about it? What can one family possibly do to change any of it?

Today we made a painting and donated it to a local public elementary school. We decided, as a family, to work on the project for the library. I helped draw the design , my wife Sandi and our 7-year old granddaughter CC then put their talents to work. The finished work took about 10 hours. It was done on the best watercolor paper we could find.

How many children will later spend time looking at what our busy workers have created? How many will sound out the word and learn what a library is? How many will later go on using a library as the stepping stone to higher education because the design is so cheerful? It may play a role in showing children that the library is a safe and wonderful place.

Schools are hurting. Anything positive helps. Will anything done like this help ‘change’ or ‘inspire’ a life? Think about this for a bit. If you can inspire someone to read you will have given a gift that knows no boundaries.

What’s been interesting is watching how CC became involved in our recent random acts of kindness, known as the Sequoia Project. These good acts have added happiness to her life and awareness about others. As more stories are released readers will learn more about how this 7-year old has helped the world become a better place.

As elders to our young we have an opportunity to teach them the things that really matter in life: compassion, understanding, love, taking care of the weak. It all starts at home. If you’re a parent reading this take some time out of your day and do a project helping others with your children. They will take to the activity like a fish takes to water. What will they later teach their children?

Will this matter at the end of the day? It certainly can’t hurt. We believe that every small action of kindness does matter. 

– Mike S. 

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