Chris Mintz GoFundMe page

Thousands of strangers inspired by an Oregon student have donated $800,000 hoping to help him learn to walk again, following a mass shooting last week where he emerged a hero.

When Chris Mintz heard shots fired at Umpqua Community College, the Army veteran led classmates out of the building, then returned to trigger alarms and get others to safety. While holding a classroom door shut to keep the shooter out, Mintz was shot five times and twice more once the shooter got through the door.

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Mintz survived the event but with both his legs broken. He’ll need physical therapy to learn how to walk again.

His cousin, Derek Bourgeois, set up a GoFundMe page hoping to raise $10,000 for Mintz’s medical expenses.

“While Chris is not the type of person to ask for it, he is going to need all of the help he can get while he recovers,” Bourgeois wrote on the page.

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The community in Oregon and strangers across the land were quick to offer help, and donations topped a half million dollars in the first day. The tally is at $788,000 this afternoon, four days later.

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