An elephant stuck in a mud pit for 12 hours in Kenya was saved by a construction company that came to the rescue, helping the pachyderm with a dirt-moving digger.

The rescue took place near Makindu in Southern Kenya, where a lack of rainfall led to the animal wanderind beyond the national park borders.elephant-plays-with-ribbon-saveelephantDOTorg

Baby Elephant Swirls a Ribbon Just Like a Child (WATCH)


Officials with the Kenya Wildlife Service, unable to help the large mammal climb the steep clay sides, enlisted the aid of a nearby Chinese construction company, who generously donated their digger to create a channel to lead the elephant to safety.

Wildlife photographer Jeremy Goss, 30, was on the scene to capture dramatic photos and video footage of the rescue on farmland bordering the Chyulu Hills National Park. Check out his photos on Facebook.

(WATCH the video above)

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