On this day 220 years ago, Andre-Jacques Garnerin made the first parachute jump from 3,200 feet (1000m) above Paris. Garnerin’s early design was based on an umbrella-shaped device that would be lifted by a balloon and then descend with a gondola attached to a silk parachute. (1797)

More Good News on this Date:

  • The Metropolitan Opera House opened in New York City featuring Faust (1883)
  • Toastmasters was founded to teach people how to speak in public (1924)
  • Laos gained independence from France (1953)
  • A Canadian Parliamentary Committee selected the design which became the new official Flag of Canada (1964)
  • The Supremes became the first female music group to attain a No. 1 selling album, “The Supremes A’ Go-Go”, a Motown LP that included “You Can’t Hurry Love” (1966)
  • Red Dye No. 4 was banned by the US Food and Drug Administration after it is discovered that it causes tumors in the bladders of dogs (1976)
  • The high speed TGV railway service from Paris to Lyon was inaugurated (1981)
  • India launched its first unmanned lunar mission Chandrayaan-1 (2008)


And, Happy 79th Birthday to Christopher Lloyd, the actor known for playing zany characters like Emmett “Doc” Brown in the film Back to the Future, and the “Reverend” on the sitcom Taxi. His acting and distinctive voice has earned him multiple Emmy Awards. (1938) –Photo by Gage Skidmore, 2015 CC

Watch Marty McFly and Doc Brown Emerge From Delorean on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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