Good News in History, February 7

Good News in History, February 7

Laura Ingalls Wilder portrait 18 years old


150 years ago today Laura Ingalls Wilder was born in rural Wisconsin. The author known for the Little House on the Prairie series of children’s books based the stories on her childhood growing up in a settler and pioneer family. Married in Missouri, Wilder became an editor for a local newspaper, penning a regular column called “As a Farm Woman Thinks”. When she was nearly 65 years old, her first book, Little House in the Big Woods, was published. (1867)

MORE Good News from this Date:

  • Charles Dickens was born (1812)
  • Tasmania created the first law anywhere providing secret ballots for elections (1856)
  • Charlie Chaplin first appeared as The Tramp in his debut film (1914)
  • Switzerland women gained right to vote (1971)
  • Grenada gained independence (1974)
  • US astronauts performed the first untethered space walk, which lasted nearly six hours (1984)
  • The Soviet Communist Party gave up its control and allowed other political parties to compete (1990)
  • Haiti‘s first elected president was sworn-in after 28 years of one-family rule (1991)
  • Britain’s Ellen MacArthur sailed into the record books as the fastest ever to solo navigate a round-the-world voyage (2005)


jiminy cricket and Pinocchio-Walt Disney Productions-1940

On this day in 1940, the Walt Disney film, Pinocchio, premiered. Based on an Italian children’s novel, the second full-length animated Disney film featured Jiminy Cricket as wise partner. to a wooden puppet. The film, with its highly realistic hand-drawn animation effects, was a box office flop but today is considered among Disney’s finest feature films.


And on this day in 1964, Beatlemania reached American shores. 3,000 adoring fans caused riotous scenes at a New York airport when The Beatles touched down in the US for the first time, launching Rock and Roll’s “British invasion”.

Filmmaker Albert Maysles was given access to The Beatles, hanging out in their hotel rooms and elsewhere during those ten days, and he captured unprecedented footage. Watch a segment below on YouTube showing scenes from his documentary. You can stream or buy the fascinating historical film, The Beatles – The First U.S. Visit, on Amazon.