gasoling sharing on highway in snowstorm-FBphotoRead about the Facebook group, SnowedOutAtlanta, that attracted 46,000 fans in a day and how that buzzing hive of concerned citizens helped rescue a pregnant mom and boy who had been stuck in their car for 12 hours – with only Tic Tacs to eat – with no water.

By 11 o’clock that night, Michelle Sollicito, who started the group after winter weather began causing havoc in her Georgia city, said that at least 400 people had been helped by the group. That includes a stranded man — worried about his wife who had been in a car accident and his two children who were stuck at school. He had walked a mile from his car to stay at Sollicito’s house for the night after seeing her post on Facebook according to NBC.

SnowedOutAtlanta grew so big that it split into several regional groups. One of them was started by Chris Calhoun, owner of Avalon Limousine Service, who had access to one very valuable commodity: gasoline. He said he delivered around 15 to 20 gallons of gas to stranded drivers who had contacted with him through the Facebook group, Snowed Out Atlanta Eastside.

(READ the story from NBC News)

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Photo from Christle L. Fox on SnowedOutAtlanta

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