Fawn Sleeping - Released Karen Parsons

One crisp morning on Vancouver Island, Karen Parsons went on her regular nature walk with her two Pomeranian pooches.

Suddenly she heard the screams of an animal being attacked by two ravens. She immediately went into rescue mode and discovered it was a young abandoned fawn.

For two weeks Karen fed the baby by hand.

Cat and Sleeping Fawn - Released Karen Parsons

During that time, the fawn formed an amazing bond with Lincoln, her Pomeranian. Acting like a protective mom, Lincoln slept by the fawn’s side every night and cuddled.

Fawn Sleeping With Pomeranian - Released Karen Parsons

Everyone in the family fell in love with the little fawn including Karen’s daughter.


Fawn and Girl - Released Karen Parsons

The fawn got stronger and more adventurous every day.


Fawn and Cat - Released Karen Parsons

Finally well enough, the baby fawn was taken to an animal sanctuary and was released into the wild.

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