There might be a lot of rough play going on during hockey games, but the players are still stand-up gentlemen; and one fan named Ryan will attest to that.

Ryan was at a match between the Ottawa Senators and the Detroit Red Wings with his friend Mike on Tuesday night when they went down to the glass barrier to watch the warm-ups.

That’s when Henrik Zetterberg, the left wing player of the Red Wings, started banging into the side boards as part of his warm-up. Mike’s pint of beer, which had been perched on the barrier, was sent flying to the ground as a result of Zetterberg’s practice.

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“We knocked on the glass to show him what happened, as I got a kick out of it.” Ryan told the Ottawa Citizen. “Zetterberg started laughing!”

Well, this skater wasn’t about to let a fan’s brew go to waste.

“A few minutes later, he went over to the bench, grabbed one of his brand new game sticks and autographed it saying: ‘Sorry! I owe u one! (with his signature)’ He skated over and tossed it over the glass to us! How classy is that guy!!! Amazing!”

The Red Wings unfortunately lost 2-0, but Mike and Ryan scored the keepsake of a lifetime.

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