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A guy, who just five years ago was working part-time at Popeyes after being kicked out of school, became the unlikely Super Bowl hero on Sunday stealing the ball from Seattle at the goal line with just seconds to play, giving his New England Patriots the NFL championship.

After playing just two seasons of high school football, Malcolm Butler started playing at Hinds Community College in Jackson, Mississippi, but, in 2009 was kicked out of school and took a part-time job at Popeyes.

His time off from football made him realize how much he really wanted to play the game. His athletic talent got him invited back to Hinds in 2011, and he went on to complete his college career at West Alabama.

Apparently, the scouts weren’t impressed enough, because no professional team chose him in the 2014 NFL draft.

But in May, the New England Patriots asked him to try out for their 90-man roster and Malcolm’s perseverance paid off. His interception yesterday in the biggest game of the year, snatching victory from the Seahawks’ hands in the closing seconds, will go down in history.

“I just had a vision that I was going to make a big play and it came true,” the rookie cornerback told reporters afterward. “I’m just blessed.”

“(He’s) had to work for everything he’s ever had in his life,” his college coach, Will Hall, told “It’s just the beginning for him.”

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  1. No one called him a failure. Anyone can transform their life. That’s our favorite kind of story. It’s inspiring to know he was kicked out of college, so others know they can overcome.

    In crafting a short headline, which is always a challenge, we used the word fail to allude to that incident in college.

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