Steve Carell Yearbook-YOutube

Well, it’s that time of year again.

Amidst Lady Gaga’s glamorous half-time show performance and the New England Patriots making the most incredible comeback of the century, we were treated to some of the year’s best advertisements.

Featuring everyone from average Joes to our favorite celebrities, these promos had some pretty legendary messages of encouragement and motivation.

1. What Your Yearbook Says: Don’t Give Up

This Honda commercial had such beloved stars as Steve Carell, Stan Lee, Missy Elliot, Viola Davis, Robert Redford, and Tina Fey all channeling the ghosts of their yearbook personas to tell us that we have the power to become whomever we want to be.

We especially love Jimmy Kimmel’s appearance in an embarrassingly ruffley blue suit.

2. For This Little Girl, Equal Pay for Equal Work

Audi’s Equal Pay promo is a bit of a tearjerker.

A tough young girl is speeding down a go-cart track while her father narrates his worries concerning her future with the glass ceiling.

As she speeds into first place, however, his worries are put to rest.

3. We All Have the Power to Heal With Kindness

The opening of Dignity Health’s ad is an all too familiar scene featuring a white cop slowly approaching a black teenager in the street.

But what starts as a tense exchange becomes a friendly game of neighborhood basketball.

4. The Earth Needs Your Help, Melissa McCarthy!

The title says it all – in a hilarious showcase of the new Kia Niro, Melissa McCarthy utilizes the fashionable car to be the hero she wants to be.

On her mission to save the planet, however, things get a little bumpy along the way. But at least she has reliable transportation!

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