This damsel in distress deer is lucky there was a skilled excavator operator nearby or he would’ve been sunk.

“Found a couple of yearling black tail deer stuck in some mud,” Bill Davis wrote on Facebook. “Couldn’t watch them struggle!”

The fawn was trapped in Washington on Tuesday until Davis, using some very heavy machinery, was able to scoop the deer out of the mud trap and give it a free ride to safety.

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After checking out an alarm that sounded on a business property he managed, he was surprised to find animals rather than trespassers. He almost didn’t see the deer as they blended in so well with the landscape of mud.

“I wouldn’t have seen them if they hadn’t moved and caught my eye!”

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After the impressive rescue, for which he called in his experienced excavator operator, he made sure the pair wouldn’t venture back into danger.

“I’m out there looking to make sure the babies didn’t come back to the mud! No sign of them.”

(See the amazing rescue above…)

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