Benny the Pit Bull Shelter Dog FB Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

Benny the shelter dog isn’t sure what to think when strangers show up outside his kennel door, but once he figures out he’s being adopted, his enthusiasm takes off like a rocket.

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The eight-month-old pit bull mix had spent weeks living at the Los Angeles, California Carson Animal Care Shelter before being offered a forever home earlier this month.

A delightful video shows Benny, shy at first, retreating into the corner of his kennel as dogs bark and the shelter worker steps inside.

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But, as soon as he realizes he has a new family, Benny’s ready to go — strutting his stuff on the way out and sniffing a few “good-byes” to those left behind — with nearly non-stop tail wagging along the way.

(WATCH the video below from Saving Carson Animal Care Shelter via Facebook)

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