disabled-photographer.jpg An inspirational new film set to premiere at the 2009 Full Frame Film Festival in April tells the story of an aspiring fashion photographer whose career took an unexpected turn when she discovers a hidden world of beauty within the lives of people with significant disabilities.

SHOOTING BEAUTY: Everyone deserves a shot was filmed over the span of a decade. It puts you in Courtney Bent’s shoes as she works to invent cameras for use by her new friends with disabilities.  The group’s efforts snowballed into an award winning photography program called “Picture This”—and became the backdrop for this eye-opening story about romance, daring, loss and laughter that will change what you thought you knew about people living
with disabilities—and people without them.

“This is good news indeed!” said filmmaker, George Kachadorian, who invites you to watch the film’s trailer below.

Visit the film’s official site: www.everyonedeservesashot.com

SHOOTING BEAUTY trailer from George Kachadorian on Vimeo.

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