Soldier Holds Flag on Memorial Day screenshot WWLP

A disabled veteran stood at attention, holding the American flag, for nine-hours because a nursing home had no way to show the colors on Memorial Day.

Former Army Specialist Darren Swallow’s girlfriend works at the facility and told him their flagpole had been destroyed in an accident.

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The veteran, who’d served multiple deployments to Iraq, put on his uniform and took up position in front of the home, holding an American flag from 3:30 in the morning until well into the holiday afternoon Monday—even standing in the rain to do it.

When word got out, people from around Wilbraham, Massachusetts stopped by to thank the young man.

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“Absolutely inspired,” Chris White told WWLP News. “We came here just to thank him for his service. It’s phenomenal that he’s standing out here for the residents and for our country,”

(WATCH the video below from WWLP News) — Photo: news video

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  1. I’m not in the military by any means, but from the photo it doesn’t appear that this soldier is standing at attention. He’s standing at parade rest. At attention you stand up straight, hands at your sides (one hand is clearly behind is back), and your feet/legs are much closer than this gentleman here. Just a friendly correction 🙂

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