Caribbean Chicken owner John Baumgarten

Restauranteur John Baumgarten will serve free homemade soup on Thanksgiving day and Christmas day in his Palmetto, Florida dining room, Caribbean Chicken.

“I’m doing it because I know what its like to be alone with nothing on the Holidays,” he said on Facebook. “I still have very little but I’m willing to share all I have with those who could use it.”

When he told customers John and Alice yesterday about his desire to help others on the holidays, they offered to volunteer with their kids, assisting the chef in dishing out soup.

His Ox Tail and Black Bean soup with ham, chorizo, and bacon is a slow-cooked Jamaican specialty. And, he’s already starting cooking it.

“I feel this would be better than handing out gifts,” he told us. “Free tea and coffee also for anyone who has no other place to go.”

“If you’re in the area and don’t have any place to go those days, stop in. We have TV and comfortable seats so you can relax, and let the soup carry you away.”

Visit the Caribbean Chicken Facebook page or stop by his restaurant located at 814 8th Ave. W in Palmetto.

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