At the age of 17, after witnessing hundreds of snakes dying from drought on his island in India, Jadav Payeng started to grow trees on what was barren land devastated by erosion.

35 years later a jungle of almost 3000 acres (1200 hectares) — larger than Central Park — has grown in the wasteland, thanks to his daily careful cultivation. Diverse animals, including Elephants, now enjoy his lush oasis.

A documentary, Forest Man, shows how one person can change the course of nature.

(WATCH the video below)


  1. This wonderful person should be recognized as a WORLD leader – we need people to start recovering what we have almost destroyed as a species. Where would you rather be – in the dusty, dirty town or in his little paradise – there is no comparison. Thank you for showing and trying to educate your neighbors on how to be HUMAN – very comical seeing him in the middle of that paradise answering his cell phone though !

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