It’s amazing what one coat of paint would do.

Eleven years ago, Los Angeles based painting company ALLBRiGHT Painting was invited to participate on ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover. ALLBRiGHT founder Josh Abramson, and his capable crew of painters, helped transform the residence of one needy family, turning it into their dream home.

So inspired and uplifted by the project, Josh decided to create his own charity program so he and his team could give back to the community.

In 2005, ALLBRiGHT began their “Paint-It-Forward” program. They encouraged their community to help nominate a local family or small business that was in desperate need of painting services, but unable to afford it. The chosen recipient of the program would be awarded with up to $10,000 in free painting services, courtesy of Abramson and his team of merry painters. The first event was such a success that they decided to do it again the next year—and every year since then.

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Struggling families, widowed parents, small businesses, and local charities have since benefitted from nearly $100,000 in services. As the program gained momentum, Josh set his eyes on inspiring a nationwide use of the program. The ALLBRiGHT team began reaching out to painting contractors and media personnel all across the nation, encouraging them to adopt the Paint-It-Forward program or create their own similar idea.

Collectively, this movement has now provided over $1,000,000 worth of charity painting services all across the nation, and is only growing stronger!

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What started in a reality TV show has spread into a nationwide movement, transforming the lives of all those involved. The good deed ripple effect applies to all aspects of charity and being a good person: You never know when your positive outlook on life will inspire others to pay it forward.

You can learn more about the Paint-It-Forward program by visiting their website.

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