money.gif Are you getting sucked into FEAR and FRENZY and the media gloom around the chaos on Wall Street? It’s too late to join our tele-conference call on October 3, but you CAN listen to the recorded call by dialing in on our free playback line…  You  can learn how to stop the drama and create positive thoughts and feelings in your life that will lead to a sane and healthy mindset and a more secure future…

Listen to positive thinking experts as they cull through fact and fiction and help you to break addictive patterns that lead to more fear and drama.

YES, we have a reality in financial markets that challenges us and our leaders. But, we do NOT need to get sucked into the false notions that lead to desperate emotions, and addictive patterns that result in more failures and even more poverty.

This is the premiere tele-conference of the 2008 Great Mentors audio seminar series, created to provide free virtual help to those who don’t have the opportunity for one-on-one mentoring. The 2008 series kicked off last Friday with an important bail-out of your financial frenzy!

marlene-chism.jpgAdmission is FREE, but you must register on-line. Great Mentors tele-conferences give you the chance to ask and respond to questions from the panel. You receive the dial-in number and access code when you register.


Marlene Chism is our special guest, the founder of She works with people who want less stress and more success, particularly offering down to earth practical tips  — especially  to business owners  —  for increasing performance, productivity and personal power. To get a free e-lesson go to

Experts in the field of positive thinking help you deal with your fears and give you a menu of actions to take to effect positive change immediately.  We will magnify the world of possibility and productivity, BRINGING RELIEF for your feelings of desperation and doom.

Sign up and get the phone number to listen to the call at your leisure over the next few weeks. Register to hear the 75-minute call by registering online:



  1. This is a wonderful idea, thank you. Can you please tell me what time zone your 3:30 pm refers to? From the area code of the dial-in number, I am guessing its central time (UTC-6).

    Thanks again, looking forward to it.

  2. OOPS!!

    I realized this last night as I was sending out the announcement with my Top Ten newsletter, that I had left off the TIME ZONE! Yikes!

    The time is (I’ve corrected it above) EASTERN Time…

    thanks so much for reminding me of changing it here!


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