Garth Brooks with Nicole Small familyphoto

Country singer-musician Garth Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood made a special dream come true in October for a girl with spina bifida. Before a concert they spent one-on-one time with Nicole Small, who calls Brooks her “life long idol”.

“I was so surprised about how long I was allowed to spend with him,” she wrote on “I just thought it would be something along the lines of saying hi, getting a picture and maybe an autograph.”

”Yes, all of those took place, but on a personal level! He really got to know me and I shared with him my two favorite songs that are sung by him.”

Halfway through the show, the singer announced, “This next song is for a powerful girl named Nicole,” and sang one of her favorite songs, Outside the Fire.

“I couldn’t stop crying for the entire length of the song,” she recalled

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  1. I live in Nashville, and am in no way a “Modern” country fan, but i can say, second hand, and First Hand, Garth Brooks is a kind and generous man. Good for you, Garth! (Good for the world!)

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