A gas station in the Seattle, Washington suburb of Wallingford is winning people over with its witty sense of humor.

The Chevron Station at the corner of North 45th and Woodlawn Place North spreads much-needed laughter with every one-liner posted on their 54-character roadside sign.

Each week, the store manager Cassandra Gaspard, places the letters that add up to catchy one-liners like, “Ban Pre-Shredded Cheese, Make America Grate Again” or “My Reality Check Has Bounced”.

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Some customers would never go anywhere else, as long as Cassandra and her amusing antics await them here.

You can follow the Wallingford sign on Facebook and renew your chuckles weekly.

(WATCH the video or READ more from King-5 News – Note* Auto-playing video so adjust your speakers)

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