Rather than spend her sixth birthday at an amusement park, this little girl abandoned her pre-planned birthday party so her and her father could assist a motorcyclist in need.

Sammy Flynn and her father Richard had been celebrating her special day at the Wild West Town theme park in Union, Illinois last month when he got a call about a biker whose motorcycle had broken down three hours outside of town.

This is not the first time that Richard has gotten an automotive call for help; he is one of the co-founders of WAR Performance, a motorcycle repair shop based out of Marengo.

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“We have really tried to instill that we always help others and that is what our business is about,” Flynn told Good News Network.

So when Flynn got news that there was a biker in need of help, he worried about interrupting his daughter’s birthday at the theme park. Instead, the youngster insisted on continuing with the rescue operation.

“They had called everyone they could think of but no one would come out to help them. We had only been at the Wild West Town theme park for 10 or 15 minutes when I got the call,” Richard told GNN. “She said that we should never leave anyone behind and she was willing to miss her party.”

Sammy was repaid for her kindness only weeks later when the motorcyclist returned to her family’s repair shop to give her a thank you gift for her compassion—and all the motorcyclists in Marengo that heard about it came together to sing Happy Birthday to her. The organizers of the Wild West theme park even volunteered to throw her another birthday party free of charge.

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Although the gifts have meant the world to Sammy and her family, Richard says he is ultimately grateful for this mishap so he could witness his daughter’s good deed.

“I was just so proud of my daughter that day—and since then, she always asks if she can come with on pickups to help people out,” says Richard. “She is learning early on that giving is so much better than receiving.”

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