When Sarah Haycox found a small commemorative plaque dedicated to Edwin T. Pratt, she was curious as to why he lived such a short life. Now upon learning about his life and achievements, there is not a single person in her city who will be ignorant to his identity.

In 2016, 10-year-old Sarah, who lives in Shoreline, Washington, had just finished up a soccer game at a local park when she noticed a small memorial dedicated to Pratt. Even though she had never heard of him, she was particularly struck by how the marker indicated that he had died at the age of 39.

The youngster did some researching and found that Pratt had been a civil rights activist and the executive director of the Seattle Urban League. During his life, he advocated for desegregation and fair job and housing opportunities. He was even the first black person to move into Shoreline.

Until he was assassinated on the front porch of his house in 1969.

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Inspired by his career, Sarah wondered how she could properly honor Pratt beyond a little plaque. She then noticed that an early learning center was being built across the street from her school. More importantly, it did not yet have a name.

Sarah launched a 15-month campaign to have the facility named after Pratt. She gave presentations in classrooms and churches; she served on committees; she spoke with school board members and officials; and she even went door-to-door so she could collect over 2,000 online and in-person signatures for a petition.

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Finally, the school board unanimously voted last month to name the new school The Edwin T. Pratt Early Learning Center.

Though the accomplishment was a dream come true for Sarah, she is still working tirelessly in Pratt’s honor. She has started a GoFundMe campaign to pay for the Pratt family’s travel expenses so they can attend the center’s opening ceremony, and so that she can finance a mural on the building’s exterior.

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