Beach walking elderly couple-Don Johnson 395-cc-FlickrThis story is a great feature on aging with fitness, from the LA Times. The paper also reports that age can actually be an asset in sports. You can be as fit or fitter than a much younger person.  “I firmly believe that we have underestimated as a culture, and maybe even in the field of exercise science, what older adults are capable of doing. It’s really important for people to realize that you should not underestimate what someone can do based on age, gender or chronic disease.”


  1. Wow, Andrew thanks for that, I am having a hard time typing this while doing my one handed push ups, but I couldn’t agree more. Just as when the when the four minute mile record in running was broken, the world could not believe it, everyone thought that it was the limit for humans. And of course once that record was broken, faster and faster times began to come in, as people began go look for new limits. So it is my hope that as the research comes in on how much more we can do exercise wise as older adults , more and more people will begin to gradually stretch themselves and push out old images of aging. That said, no matter how much exercise I do today, I plan to be very polite in any biker bar I visit. Thanks, Ed Smith

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