flower on windshield Feed The Deed-FBYouth around the world have managed to turn a dangerous and deadly viral drinking game into random acts of kindness that have most recently turned infectious on university campuses in Canada.

It started when a man in South African decided to give away a sandwich to a homeless guy, rather than continue the drinking-dare game for which his friends had nominated him publicly, called NekNominations.

This one alternative act inspired European youth to begin nominating each other to do good deeds while recording videos of themselves being kind. Random Act of Kindness RAK Nominations were born.

The Canadian version currently captivating students on campuses like McGill University is called Feed the Deed.

University of Ottawa medical student Josh Stern saw someone abroad use their nomination for a good deed and he decided to do the same. Feed the Deed has spread exponentially and into other countries, like the US and Mexico, with Stern estimating that more than 1,000 good deeds were recorded in only a couple of weeks.

#FeedTheDeed videos are being tagged and posted on a Facebook Page run by Kindness Counts, a foundation run by Russell Citron and other university students along with high school leaders since 2012.

(WATCH a Feed the Deed moment by a random Canadian)

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