To celebrate both National Poetry Month — and my birthday Friday — I asked newsletter subscribers to send in poems about what it’s like to read the news on Good News Network. Here are a few, including this one from my French friend in California: (Thanks so much!)

Le poeme from Pascal

In the mists of this fresh morning
I take my warm cup of “Zen” coffee
To get ready for my daily Om zing
With good news that anchors hope into reality…

I can visualize with all optimism and vigor
All these people that are doing such noble deeds
And I know, now, for the children future
That such good work will fulfill their needs

I can go now, walking tall and smiling
That those good news I have just read
Makes me confident and even more wanting
To spread the fact that we are winning

This feeling of calm and happiness revolution
I can share it and show the way to so many
That when we see the might of all compassion
We are the heroes for the following generation

hugs sign Times Square

From Kareen Johnston Tucker

In a world filled with so much bad news. . .
so much sad news . . .
what a relief to find this glad news . . .
in the Good News Network.

Open the file with a click and watch your
screen fill with a flood of stories. . .
stories of hope. . .
stories of joy. . .
stories that put a smile on your face
. . .a spring in your step
. . .and a warm fuzzy feeling like a
soft blanket warming your soul.

Stories that soothe your mind, body, and spirit
stories that inspire you and remind you that
there is much good t be found
just open your heart, your eyes, your mind
. . .and tap into the source at
. . .the Good News Network.

Here are two poems, from Pamela Haines
in slightly different styles:

The Choice

There’s good and bad news
Both can be aired
We needn’t be spared
Which would you choose?

Turning the Soil

This soil is hard and sour
No place for living things
Yet living things would grow
Despite all odds.
Stunted, spindly
Starved for proper food
We stretch and strive.

The soil has been degraded over time
Fat promises run dry
Earth’s patient bills come due
Hatreds stirred by fears
Yield searing flame and bitter ash
A nightly dose of horror
Blares out from our screens–
A culture drawn to shock
Consumed by greed.
We do not thrive.

But things can change.
With patient work a soil can be renewed
Rich life-supporting nutrients worked in
Tales of generosity, good news
Stories that renew our faith, give hope
allow cramped roots the space to move
reach out, take in good food
Give strength to stem, leaf, flower.
With inner health restored
In upright vigor, reaching toward the sun
The task is not so bleak–
To claim our common future
Claim our lives.

From Anthony Fraser

To read good news,
helps me get rid of the blues.

It puts a smile on my face,
It makes me want to dance in place.

I feel so glad to read about good things
It makes me want to sing.

So keep on printing these words of joy
And I’ll keep shouting, O’Boy!

Smiley face flag

From David Wilkinson

The only good news is no news,
that’s what I used to say
\And so I chose to miss the news to brighten up my day

But now I know that Good News
is found with just a click
And I can chose just what to read – I think that’s pretty slick!

Good News is read without the dread
that most news seems to bring
The posts uplift and comfort, they cause my heart to sing

And I find joy that in this world
there are still folks who care
They make my day by doing good, and finding ways to share

So, though most news may still be bad,
I choose to read the best
and though I need to be aware, for safety’s sake, I guess

A bit of bad and ugly news
can be offset, I say
By clicking onto GNN, where Good News wins the day!

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