This good Samaritan is a prime example of Biblical kindness.

David Lee Witherspoon Jr. was leaving his volunteer shift at a food pantry in Phoenix, Arizona when he was shocked to see a man crawling across the road on all fours.

The volunteer immediately stopped his car and walked over to the man to ask what was wrong.

The man explained that he had become homeless because of an argument that he had had at his last place of residence. Without having time to grab a pair of shoes, he had run out the door in only his socks.

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With temperatures in Arizona climbing well into the hundreds, the city tarmac had become scorchingly hot, which led the man to crawling with his shorts barely covering his knees, and his socks covering his hands.

Without hesitating, Witherspoon grabbed a spare pair of shoes and a water bottle from out of his car. He then carefully washed and dried the man’s feet before slipping on the footwear.

The volunteer says that he keeps multiple pairs of shoes in his car so he can switch them out between his work at the office of Phoenix Veteran Affairs and the St. Vincent de Paul’s food pantries at St. Mary’s Basilica.

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Though Witherspoon is being hailed for his compassionate act, he stands by the fact that he was simply doing what any person should do.

“A lot of people give up on people now and that’s the biggest problem,” Witherspoon explained in the video below. “I mean, you don’t have to… empty your wallet or anything like that; just a simple, kind act.”

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