When this 18-year-old was told that he couldn’t pursue his dream career based on his height, Gordan Ramsay stepped in to help.

Louis Makepeace has wanted to be a chef since he was a kid. When he was conditionally accepted into a cooking and hospitality course at Worcester College, however, he was later “appalled” to find out that the school had backtracked on their decision and would not allow him to take the course because his height made him a “safety risk” in the kitchen.

Since Makepeace has dwarfism, he stands at just 3 feet 10 inches tall. After the teen accused the school of discrimination, his story was spread across social media until it caught the eye of celebrity chef Gordan Ramsay.

Ramsay tweeted that he would be more than happy to offer Makepeace an apprenticeship “any day”.

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“Gordon’s tweet was a genuine offer of help for Louis Makepeace, should he wish to pursue his cooking career within the Gordon Ramsay Restaurants chef apprentice programme,” said a spokesperson for Ramsay, according to the BBC.

Additionally, she says that Ramsay has “supported and mentored hundreds of young chefs throughout his career, and strongly believes no one should be discriminated against in the workplace due to a disability.”

Makepeace says that he has since been in touch with Ramsay’s agent about pursuing the apprenticeship in the near future.

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