Robert Lee really, really hates to see food go to waste.

That’s why he left his finance job at J.P Morgan to rescue leftover food from various restaurants around New York City and deliver them to homeless shelters. Every day, Robert and a band of volunteers collect the bagels, deli items, and catered food many of us shake our heads at, knowing they’ll be tossed in the trash.

Over the past two years, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine has delivered 100,000 pounds of food to those in need by partnering with 50 food providers citywide.Michael Swaine-sewing-for the people-StudioGalliProductions-YouTube

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The 24-year-old son of Korean immigrants is no stranger to food insecurity himself.

“Since an early age we were moving around a lot. It was difficult even to get food sometimes,” he told CNN.

New York, it seems, is just the first stop; Lee has confirmed that the program is on it’s way to six other cities across the U.S. An app is also currently in the works, which may do for food donation deliveries what Uber has done for “people” deliveries.

For his work, Robert Lee last week was named a CNN Hero.

(Watch the video and READ the full interview at CNN)

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