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An 81-year-old grandmother not only became the oldest finisher at the beer mile world championships, she outran her daughter.

Beer mile runners are required to finish drinking 12-ounces of suds before each lap–four times during the mile race.

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Elvira Montes (pictured second from right above) took up running at age 60 and has competed in several races in the past 21 years, but she’d never heard of a beer mile. Her daughter talked her into competing in the 2015 FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships in Austin, Texas.

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Posted by FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships on Sunday, December 6, 2015

“I tried to drink the first one really fast but I couldn’t,” Montes told Runners World. “The second one went down really smooth; the third, even better. The fourth was alright.”

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Montes doesn’t even like beer — she prefers scotch — but finished the mile, and her beers, in 20:24. That’s 50 seconds better than her daughter. Her son-in-law never made it over the finish line.

After the race, Montes took the family out to celebrate with chicken wings — and scotch.

(WATCH the video below from NTDTV) – Photo: FloTrack Beer Mile World Championship, Facebook

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