Angela McElhiney was riddled with grief after her 15-year-old son Nathan committed suicide in October, but when she recently reached out on the Reddit website for help, dozens of strangers answered her call.

The mother’s most prized possession is a video of her son singing “Wayfaring Stranger”, a song about someone’s ascension into heaven. Unfortunately, the clip’s audio is polluted with the sounds of shuffling feet and people coughing.

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Angela posted the video on Reddit hoping for tips on clearing up the audio or references to companies that could do it for a fee. Instead, users flooded her inbox with comfort by submitting their own remixes of the song with cleaner tracks.

One of the submissions reportedly came from a Youtube musician who stayed up until 2AM working on a proper remix.

“I never expected so much kindness and so many people taking time out of their day,” Angela told CNN. “We can’t express our gratitude enough.”

(WATCH the video below)

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